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What courses can I study at Manipal University?

What accreditation do the courses offered by the Manipal University have?

What is the tuition/course fee for the various courses conducted at your university?

Is there any capitation fee?

Other than the course/tuition fee what other fees needs to be paid?

What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling for a course at MU?

Is there any provision for concession or scholarships?

Is there any management quota?

Do you have a sponsored quota?

Who can sponsor?

Can an NRI sponsored student pay the course /tuition fee in Indian rupees?

What are the total number of seats for foreign/NRI quota?

When do I apply?

Is there any agent who can help me in getting admission to MU?

How to apply and from where do I get the application?

When is the last date to submit the application?

How do I send the application and required documents?

Once I apply what will happen?

Is there any entrance exam for foreign/NRI quota?

Do Indian students need to take the online entrance test?

Then how do candidates who have written the IB or the A Levels get admission to the MBBS course as their results are declared in July/ August 2014?

Do you offer conditional admissions to students who have written the 10+2 or equivalent examination?

Can a foreign student study at Manipal with a 'Tourist Visa'?

How do I apply for a student visa or PIO or OCI?

Can I apply for admission before I have the result for my qualifying examination?

Can I get admission based only on the MU entrance test?

Can I get a loan for study at MU?

How helpful will the research project in final semester be?

When should I arrive at Manipal Campus or Mangalore Campus, if accepted to any of the programs offered at Manipal University?

What type of hostel accommodation do you provide to students?

Can I get syllabus for Manipal University Online Entrance Test?

I know Manipal is in Karnataka. So, how do I get there?

When I come for counselling or admission where can I stay?

I am unable to travel for my counselling. What do I do?

Will I get hostel accommodation at the time of admission?

What extracurricular activities can I pursue?

Can I take back the original documents with me?

Do my parents need to accompany me when I come for counselling?

Is the mess fee included in the hostel fees?

Are the hostel charges included in the tuition fee?

I am a first-year student. Is it compulsory for me to avail of the hostel accommodation?

My counselling at MU coincides with a counselling at another college. Where should I give my original documents?

I have submitted my original documents at the time of counselling at the other college. What should I do now?

Can I apply to more than one course? Can I do it in a single application?