Dr. Amitabh Anand delivered a guest talk on "How to write and publish a research paper"

June 22, 2022


Wednesday, June 22, 2022, was an afternoon well spent in an interactive session with an accomplished researcher, Dr. Amitabh Anand, Associate Professor at Excelia Business School, France. The guest talk was organized by Manipal Institute of Management and was attended by researchers and faculty members of MIM, TAPMI and DoC. The candid conversation was an exuberating experience for the researchers and faculty members of MAHE.

Dr. Anand shared his experiences and prowess in publishing for renowned journals and publishing houses. He is a well-established researcher; author, editor, and reviewer for FT50 journals and ABS high-indexed journals. He shared the nuances of what a researcher must focus on while reporting their work and publishing with journals. To publish in ABS indexed journals and FT50 is coveted achievement for every researcher and writer. However, the dos & don’ts on the steps of the way are rarely taught. Those are things that one must acquire on the journey. Dr. Anand, not only shared instances from his own journey, but also provided valuable pointers for the audience. In a knowledge-packed session glazed with light hearted humor, he kept the audience engaged while answering questions with some real pearls of wisdom.

Dr. Anand emphasized on networking, using social media presence and staying ethical at all times. With his unconditional and open communication style, he emulated what supports a researcher’s growth and expansive presence through publications. He shared a ten point list for writing and structuring a paper. He provided perspectives from the standpoint of the different hats he adorns as a writer, editor and reviewer. The instances and experiences he shared demystified many tricks and tips for publishing. In his journey, the ability to sacrifice and collaborate underscores the desire to achieve. The power of ideas, willingness to collaborate, need for preparation, clarity in communication and burning desire to do honest work are some of the key takeaways.

The interaction culminated into intent to conduct a workshop on nuances of writing. We thank Dr. Anand for his time and candid sharing and look forward to the workshop soon.