August 27, 2022

“Research is to see what everyone else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought” -Albert Szent-Györgyi

The three-day FDP on “Research Proposal Development” conducted on August 25-27, 2022, oriented novice researchers towards honing research skills that are needed to write a good research proposal.   The programme summarized the important aspects related to the identification and refinement of research topic, strategies for searching, identifying, and reviewing relevant literatures, developing a literature map, problematization of research gap, framing the right research questions and objectives, research philosophies, crafting the research plan, and art of presenting the results. 

The resource persons Dr Rajashekharan Pillai, Dr S Lakshminarayanan and Dr Yogesh Pai shared their research knowledge, expertise, and experience with the participants.  Faculty members and research scholars from various Universities and disciplines benefited from the programme.  The programme was very well received by the participants.  Prof. Chetana Maddodi coordinated the programme.