Mad Ads Event by Marketing Club and International Relations Club

October 26, 2018

On the 26th of October, the members of eMporia, The Marketing Club and Sambandh, the International Relations Club organised events under the banner of Skill Development Programme. The students of General Batch of First year were asked to participate in two events – Hard Sell and Mad Ads. They were designed to make the participants perceive marketing in a whole new light.
Under Hard Sell, the students were asked to pitch certain difficult product concepts like inhalable chocolate, refils without pens, etc to the judges and had to convince them about the feasibility of the product concept. The students were then judged in terms of how confidently they presented their pitch and how they responded and adapted to the response of the judges. The judges grilled the students and tested the resolve of the participants. The event was attended by the faculty of Marketing Department, Dr Suhan Mendon, Dr.Smitha Nayak, Dr Kavitha TC and Prof. Chethana.
In the Mad Ads event, the participants were split into groups and each group was given a certain topic around which to create an innovative mock ad idea for the product. The event was overseen by Dr Suhan Mendon and Dr Chethana Maddodi and got a glimpse of their students’ potential. The mock ads were judged based on creativity, humour, interactive elements and other such parameters. The participants thoroughly enjoyed these unique activities conducted by ‘eMporia’ and ‘Sambandh’. They also felt that one of the judges, Gautam Vakeri, left a lasting impression on how they perceived advertising.