Inaugural Function of Clubs Emporia and Sambandh

August 23, 2018


The inaugural function held on 23rd of August for Emporia, the marketing club and Sambandh, the international relations club began with the MC, Ankita Shetty, addressing the gathering, after which the dignitaries were escorted to the dais. The event was then officially commenced with a prayer to the Divine Soul by Gloria, a first year Healthcare student. Mounika Yelavarthy introduced the esteemed guests to the audience, and then Dr. KVM Varambally was called upon for the Staff Address. Dr. Varambally has provided his invaluable insight to students, a staunch watchtower guiding their boats as they sail over the squally seas, lighting the path to shore. His advice stays with us long after he has ceased speaking, and never fails to raise our spirits. Next to address the gathering was Dr Raghu Radhakrishnan, senior oral pathologist at Manipal College of Dental Sciences and Director of International Affairs and Collaborations, the guest of honour. His inspiring words of encouragement resounded throughout our humble room as he spoke about the meticulous manoeuvring of kites, of how one must skilfully master the art of pulling the string to catch the winds, to see their crafts soar towards the zenith. "Care must be taken, so there are no loose ends." An apt analogy, that MBA graduates really do have a lot to learn from. The Presidential Addresses by Yashica Thimmaiah of Sambandh, The International Relations CLub and Nischal Salian of Emporia, The Marketing Club of SOM followed, where they highlighted the work being done by the members of their respective organisations. Then came the moment everyone was waiting for with bated breath, the launch of the new logo of clubs Emporia and Sambandh. It was met with tumultuous applause and cheers from the audience. A memento was then presented to Dr. Radhakrishnan, and the event was concluded with a vote of thanks.