School of Management's Alumni Meet

March 05, 2016


School of Management’s Alumni Meet

A get-together of SOM alumni in Bangalore was held on 5th March 2016 at Jayanagar 4th Block. The SOM hosting team was represented by Dr. Ranjith, Prof. Kavitha and Prof. Rekha. Prof. Rekha welcomed the gathering and Dr. Ranjith gave a brief presentation on latest developments and new initiatives at the Institute. “This alumni get-together, according to me, must not be a one off annual event.  The friendship you have made with other alumni here must be taken and help each other in the advancement of your careers and business,” Said Dr. Raveendranath Nayak, Director, School of Management in his video message to the gathered alumni. Mr. Prasanna Kailaje, Director, Alumni Relations, Manipal Academy of Higher Education was also present on the occasion who emphasized on the need for Alumni Network and how an alumni can be benefited from various facilities on the Alumni portal which keeps them updated on what is happening at the Institute. All alumnus individually shared their life experiences from their Manipal days and their professional experience. The objective of the meet, to provide the alumnus with a platform for building their network was well served.