Guest Talk on “HR Skills” by Dr.B.Madhavan

July 13, 2016


A guest talk on “HR Skills” by Dr.B.Madhavan, Retired Senior Manager -Personnel, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Koraput and professor AMET university Chennai, was held on 13th July 2016 for the students of I MBA section A & B

His lecture started with a simple question “who is a Bad manager?”, and the students were encouraged to take forward the discussions. He insisted that in the present day business scenario, if one has to understand the concept of management, one should have a holistic view of How the business functions?

He emphasized that “A good manager should take strategic decisions and be quick in his actions, and he should understand that he’s working with the people who are not like him.”

Through his unique style with live example’s, pictures and exercises, he explained that many managers perceive that I know it, so I assume you know” which is one of the very bad qualities many managers possess. Managers should always respect the emotions of the people and treat them good.

He concluded his talk with “Every individual has both strength and weakness, it’s the responsibility of the managers, to identify, investigate, the weaknesses, help the employees to overcome their weaknesses and get the best out of them.

The session also had some practical exercises like golden rules for interpersonal relationships, statements which should be avoided… on what occasion? How comfortable are you with? These exercises were primarily focused on the aspect “ How to be a good HR manager?”.