Study Skill Workshop “Write that essay!” by Professor Aparna Bhat

October 30, 2015

Study Skill Workshop  “Write that essay!" by Professor Aparna Bhat in the month of November 2015 at SOM

“Write that essay!” is a value adding study workshop to be offered to all the students of SOM in the month of November 2015.

In the new “Student-centered learning and teaching initiative” introduced in SOM, the students will respond to different kinds of innovative assessment tasks. They require a high level of written skills in order to do well in this assessment tasks. “Write that essay!” is precisely  aimed to strengthen these writing skills and competencies.

Professor Aparna Bhat, a Senior Faculty Member from TAPMI will deliver a series of “Write that essay!” workshops. Through a number of practice exercises, she will show the students the ‘productive nature’ of English language and how this can be utilized to make sentences and paragraphs more exciting and fully informative. Furthermore, she will demonstrate different genres of writing used in higher education, such as business reports, diary writing, field visit reports, reflexive writing, case study analysis, and thesis. In SOM students will write in all these different forms to communicate their learning.

Besides, she will also highlight common errors made by English writers; for instance, when to and when not to use the popular determiner “the.”

Dr. Raveendranath Nayak, Director SOM says, “The main aim of this workshop is to prepare our graduates as competent written communicators.”

“Write that essay!” will be attended by all the students of SOM as they see the value in it.