Human Resource Club Inauguration

July 29, 2016


“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” - Jim Collins, Good to Great
The Human Resource Club was initiated by Dr. Raveendranath Nayak, Director of School Of Management considering the importance of Human Resource Management in the various sectors of the Industries and Dr S Lakshmi Narayanan is the Faculty Advisor of the Human Resource Club. The Inaugural of the club was held on 29-07-2016 at School Of Management, Manipal. The event was attended by Chief Guests Dr Nandini Lakshmikantha (Director, School Of Communication, MU), Dr Raveendranath Nayak (Director, School Of Management, MU).
Mr. Kalven Jerald, the president of Human Resource Club stressed on the importance of the Club in the college to shape the young minds who would be facing the real world soon positively. The Inspiring Anecdote Stories were shared by Dr. Nandini Lakshmikantha among the audience to appreciate the Value & Ethics of a Person. In addition Quoting Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw’s actions to refer the Dynamic Attitude towards once Firm Belief and Principles was Motivating. Moreover highlighting the traits of an HR with respect to the ability of Listening, interacting and then making wise Decision towards their Employees was shared. Getting us introduced to the Present challenges in HR pertains to Migration of Employees in an Organization along with Complex Technological adaptation in field of HR. Nevertheless her words of Encouragement to all individual present there was to develop Intrapersonal Skills, Building Relation based on Values along with Culture & Improve our Perception.