August 28, 2017


The Sports Club of the School of Management, Manipal organized the SOM Inter-Class Chess Tournament 2017-18 on 28th and 29th August, 2017. The competition was inaugurated by Dr. Raveendranath Nayak, Director, School of Management, Manipal Academy of Higher Education by moving the pawn. There were 36 MBA students taking part in the tournament.

The contestants were split into 9 groups who were made to play simultaneously. Every contestant was given total of 15 minutes to make their moves. The result was decided either by the timer or by Checkmate. First round was conducted on day 1 and winners and losers were allowed to play for the second round depending upon the points of their opponents. From the second round, it was a knockout match, so losing a game would see them out of the competition. However, it was noticed that all the participants took careful moves while playing. Every participants in the tournament were equally strong. A platform was provided to participants and they utilized it to their fullest. Mr. Harish Kumar from Udupi as Arbiter for the second day.

In the third round Top four players gave their best to win the game. The tension in the game kept increasing as the day went on. Finals was a game to watch as two best players of the institution were giving their best move. Finally, after a tough competition, results were known.

The results of Chess tournament are as follows:

1st place - Sushmitha Rao (2nd year MBA A section)

2nd place – Ravish Shenoy (2nd year MBA B section)

3rd place- Vikas K. P. (2nd year MBA B section)

The office bearers were enthusiastic and very keen to manage the event. They put a lot of efforts to pool in talented players from various streams of School of Management. Mr Narayana Prabhu, Sports Coordinator, SOM., Prof. Suraj Francis Noronha, Sports Advisor, SOM., Mr Dilip Kumar, President, Sports Club – SOM., Ms. Sushmitha Rao, Event Coordinator, SOM Inter-class Chess Tournament, the office bearers and the executive members of the Sports Club, SOM were present for the event.