Graphical Abstract Making Competition Organized by Innovative Communication Club (I2C)

September 25, 2022


Scientific journals are increasingly insisting on a “graphical abstract” alongside the body of the article. A“graphical abstract” is a single, concise, pictorial, and visual summary of the main findings of the article. It could either be the concluding figure from the article or a figure specially designed for the purpose, which conveys the content of the article at a glance. In order to equip the students of MCOPS with Graphical Abstract making skills, a competition was conducted on ‘Graphical Abstract Making’ on the occasion of World Pharmacist Day on 25 September 2022 with the theme “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pharmaceutical Sciences”. There were around 15 participants, and the best three were chosen as winners. First Prize was bagged by Akshara Kumar (MPharm, RA) followed by Jhanavi Shenoy (4th Year, BPharm) to win the second position, and Tanvi Sankhalkar (MPharm, QA) at the third place.