April 20, 2022


Student Exchange Committee of MAPS, MCOPS, India, organized a Virtual Student Exchange Program (SEP), ‘India, A Pit Stop’, under the guidance of faculty advisor Dr. Anup Naha during 18 to 20 April 2022. Through the platform of MS Teams, students from different parts of the world were encouraged to enroll under the Student Exchange Program of IPSF [International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation] to obtain new knowledge and experience various opportunities in the field of Pharmacy.


Four academic lectures delivered by professors of Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences spanned across the first two days. Dr. Rajesh V of the Department of Pharmacy Practice spoke on "Pharmaceutical Care: A comprehensive solution for drug-related issues". Dr. KSR Pa, Professor, Department of Pharmacology, lectured on the "Preclinical Drug Discovery in Cancer research." Dr. Ligade of Department of Pharmacy Management elaborated on the "Cosmeceuticals and Nutraceuticals: Prospects and Regulatory Aspects". Ms. Ramya Ravi of Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance spoke on the "Process of Patenting in India & Technology Transfer".


A day was dedicated to give a glimpse of India's culture, heritage, and food to the participants. Ms. Manasa, a fourth-year BPharm student, presented one of the Indian classical dances, Bharatanatyam, and spoke excellently on the role and importance of classical dances. The guest speaker, Mr. Anil Mulchandani, a freelance author, journalist, and food critic spoke about "The Culinary Mosaic of India", describing how India is a melting pot of traditions, how some of the cuisines of India are derived from other countries and how Indian cuisine has influenced others.


Students from Taiwan, Nigeria, Egypt, Japan, Indonesia, and Tunisia attended the event, among whom students from Egypt showed up in maximum numbers, with a total number of 50 participants and 150 registrants. Many students of MAPS, India, also participated in the virtual SEP. Student feedback was taken daily which helped the organizers to assess if the event was successful. The participants had a high appreciation about the program. They not only found the lectures informative and exciting, but each had a takeaway message and looked forward to more lectures hosted by MAPS, India.