Director of Inga Laboratories at the alumni meet

February 13, 2017

Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences organized “Manipal IPCs (23rd IPC 1972, 42nd IPC 1990 and 62nd IPC 2010) funded MCOPS Golden Jubilee Commemoration lecture” and Alumni meet on 11 February 2017 forenoon.   

Dr George Patani, Director, Inga Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai delivered the Commemoration Lecture on “Industry-Institute Interaction for Pharmaceutical skills development” and highlighted the nature of ongoing industry-institute interactions and the challenges in collaborative research. He emphasized on the necessity of training and practice based education at the institutes. The program was chaired by Dr MK Unnikrishnan and Dr CS Shreedhara, Professors, MCOPS.

The lecture was followed by the Alumni Meet, wherein Dr Patani, being the alumnus addressed the gathering and shared his Manipal experience. He stressed on the need for discipline and adequate preplanning in students to excel in life. The Alumni Meet was coordinated by Dr D Sreedhar, Associate Professor, MCOPS. Alumni, faculty and students of MCOPS attended both the events.