Student Exchange Committee MAPS-MCOPS Organized Live Interactive Webinar “What Next”

March 08, 2022


Pursuing education is a task of its own in today's competitive world. With a goal in mind, preparing for the process right from the initial years of the undergraduate program eases the journey. With this view, Student Exchange Committee MAPS-MCOPS organized a live Interactive Webinar “What Next” on 8th March 2022. The Student Exchange Committee under the coordinatorship of Secretary, Adithya M S, took the initiative to call upon MCOPS alumna, Ms. Pooja Vemuri and organized an interactive live session for all students interested in pursuing higher studies. There were around 60 participants overall.

The session was conducted online using the Microsoft Teams platform. It was an educational and Q&A webinar, with the sole objective of benefiting the students of MCOPS wanting to pursue their education in the European and UK region. The speaker resolved all the queries of students. After much planning and discussion, the committee released a Google form to collect questions from students which served as the basis for the session.

Ms. Pooja Vemuri guided the students with her experience in various areas of education abroad. She explained the opportunities, scholarships, admission procedures, and job prospects mainly in the UK and European region. She also shared her journey to which most of the participants could relate. She was open to all kinds of doubts asked by students, with her friendly and approachable manner. Students found the session helpful and provided positive feedback.