Research in Pharmacy Practice, Challenges and Opportunities: A Pragmatic Approach 

July 17, 2023


Dr. Jimmy Jose, a PhD holder from Manipal University, former faculty member of MCOPS,  who has previously worked in Malaysia and is currently associated with the University of Nizwa, Oman, delivered a talk on "Research in Pharmacy Practice, Challenges, and Opportunities: A Pragmatic Approach" at the Pharmacy Practice Department, Manipal.
Dr. Jose's talk focused on the significance of research in the field of pharmacy practice. He discussed the challenges faced by researchers and emphasized the importance of adopting a pragmatic approach to address these challenges effectively. Additionally, he highlighted various opportunities available for growth and development in pharmacy practice research.

The event provided an opportunity for the attendees to gain insights into the current research landscape, learn from Dr. Jose's expertise, and engage in a productive discussion. The talk served as a catalyst for motivating and inspiring the participants to pursue research endeavours in the field of pharmacy practice. Overall, the talk delivered by Dr. Jimmy Jose was informative and inspiring, encouraging attendees to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in pharmacy practice research.