Teachers’ Skill Empowerment Series (TEM-III)

July 20, 2023


As part of MCOPS Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Center for Pharmaceutical Skill Development (CPSD), MCOPS, MAHE, Manipal, in association with Life Science Skill Development Council (LSSDC), APTI-Karnataka, and APTI-Uttar Pradesh State Branch, organized the Teachers' Skill Empowerment Series-III, 2023 on the topic " Seven Principles of Good Practices in Undergraduate Education revisited- Transitioning into post-Pandemic " on Thursday, 20 July 2023, in an online format. The event featured Dr Vinod Pallath, Associate Professor, Medical Education and Research, Development Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Malaysia as the resource person. The program commenced at 3 pm, marking the beginning of an insightful session.

The talk provided a comprehensive exploration of how the principles of good practices in undergraduate education need to be reconsidered and adapted, considering the challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The speaker delved into the crucial aspects of undergraduate education that have been affected by the pandemic and proposed strategies for effectively transitioning into the post-pandemic era while upholding these principles.

250 teachers from diverse educational institutions attended the session. The audience engaged in a lively Q&A session, seeking further clarification on the topic.