Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences collaborates with Medorganics India Private Limited

June 14, 2018

Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS) entered into Memorandum of Understanding with Medorganics India Private Limited for various activities including conduct of training on current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), research and development activities and student internships. Medorganics is a part of science-led pharmaceutical manufacturing division of Meditek India, engaged in development and manufacturing of herbal and nutraceutical products as per pharmaceutical standards. The main objective of this collaboration is to conduct continuous workshops and training programs under “Advanced Training on cGMP and Data Integrity” a GMP unit under Toxicovigilance and Drug Safety Centre of MCOPS. This GMP unit is established under the aegis of Centre for Toxicovigilance and Drug Safety, initiated by its member, Dr Girish Pai K, Department of Pharmaceutics, MCOPS in collaboration with Medorganics.

MoU was signed by Mr Pramod Hegde (Chairman and Managing Director) on behalf of Medorganics and Dr C Mallikarjuna Rao (Principal) on behalf of MCOPS. Dr Girish Pai (Coordinator, GMP Unit), Dr Girish Thunga (Coordinator, Center for Toxicovigilance and Drug Safety), Dr Srinivas Mutalik (Professor and Research coordinator, MCOPS) and Dr Venkatakrishna K (General Manager, Medorganics) were present during this occasion