National Youth Day celebrations

January 13, 2018

National Youth Day, is celebrated on 12 January every year, in India to commemorate the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, maker of modern India. Technology is progressed in every field, and we use various technologies to accomplish the tasks in our lives. When it comes to social media, it has reformed the way people socialize and interact with each other. However, today’s youth are using it relentlessly.

MCOPS organized an inter-council debate competition on the topic “Is Social media making us superficial”? Six teams participated, and it was an open-ended debate which involved lots of rebuttals, and the floor was open for discussion. It was indeed an evening which filled everyone with energy. The competition was judged by Dr. Jayesh Mudgal Faculty-MCOPS and the team from the student exchange council with their vibrancy was declared the best team for the evening.