ISPE scholarships clinched by faculty and students of Pharmacy Practice to attend a conference in Thailand

August 29, 2015

Twenty scholarships from the International Society for Pharmaco-epidemiology (ISPE) were bagged by the teaching faculty and students of department of Pharmacy Practice to attend the ISPE’s 9th Asia Conference on Pharmaco-epidemiology, November 14-16, 2015 in Thailand. Six teachers (Dr Sreedharan N, Dr Vijayanarayana K, Dr Rajesh V, Dr Girish Thunga, Mr Sonal Sekhar M and Mr Prasanna K Shetty), a PhD research scholar (Mr Alkesh Kumar Lokhande), twelve PharmD students (Ms.Nishitha N Prabhu , Ms.Thanmai V, Ms.Kshipra K, Mr.Amal Raj, Mr. Prem Lal, Ms. Parvathy Menon, Ms. Zoya Ahmed, Ms. Manasa Ch, Ms. Gopika Krishnan, Ms. Anuseeya Nadar, Ms. Praisy Ann Jacob and Ms. Hanisha Shah) and a MPharm student (Ms. Krishna Geetika,) are the recipients. The scholarship covers registration fee, travel and accommodation expenses. “I am really excited and this scholarship is significant. This will boost my research potential in pharmaco-epidemiology” said Nishitha Prabhu, PharmD (Intern)