MCOPS Diamond Jubilee Walkathon to Raise Awareness about Childhood Cancer

February 14, 2023


As part of its Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, the Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS) hosted a Walkathon on Tuesday, 14 February 2023, at 10:15 am to raise awareness about childhood cancer. The event's tagline was "Raising Awareness about Childhood Cancer" and money was raised for the cause. The funds were provided to Kasturba Hospital in Manipal's "Pediatric Oncology Poor Patient Fund" with a matching support from MAHE. In addition to spreading awareness about childhood cancer, the event helped those impacted by the disease; both children and their families.

The MCOPS principal introduced the cause and stressed the significance of raising awareness for childhood cancer. The most significant donor, Virochan C from the second year of BPharm, who generously supported the cause, received a certificate of appreciation from Dr H S Ballal, Pro Chancellor, MAHE. Dr Ballal officially flagged off the ceremony and participated in it to support the cause. His presence and enthusiasm greatly inspired the students. Dr Ballal has consistently been a steadfast advocate for social problems, and his participation in the Walkathon demonstrated his dedication to raising awareness of childhood cancer.

All the participants wore green Diamond Jubilee T-shirts, making the Walkathon a lively and colourful event. The Walkathon's itinerary departed from MCOPS, went by the MAHE edu Building, Tiger Circle, turned left in the direction of MIT Circle, turned left at WGSHA, Marena, and Sharada Hostel, and then returned to MCOPS. The Walkathon's route was meticulously selected to pass by all the essential Manipal University campus sites. Throughout the walkathon, the students carried banners and placards to spread awareness of children's cancer.

The occasion, planned as a part of MCOPS's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, was a significant experience in the institute's history. The Walkathon, gave students an excellent opportunity to assist a worthy cause. MCOPS had a great chance to unite and assist a worthy cause through the Walkathon. It was encouraging to see the youngsters participate in the occasion and express their support for a crucial issue. In the modern world, childhood cancer is a big worry, so raising awareness of it is critical. The Walkathon was a little step in the right direction, and it's anticipated that it will have a significant influence.

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