Report on Guest Lecture organized by Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MCOPS 

April 24, 2022


Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MCOPS organized an online guest lecture on 23 April 2022. Dr.Rakeshwar Bandichhor, Vice President and Head of Chemistry, API-R&D, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Hyderabad, was invited to deliver the guest lecture entitled “Green Chemistry Practices”. Dr. Rakeshwar explained various concepts of green chemistry practices adopted by the pharmaceutical industry. During his talk, he covered topics such as preventing waste, maximizing atom economy, reaction mass efficiency, and mass intensity. He also elaborated on the contribution and importance of solvents in green chemistry synthesis and how to select them. He also added how to optimize the reaction using green chemistry tools such as Design of Experiments and Flow Chemistry. PG Students, Research scholars, and faculty members participated in large numbers and benefitted from his lecture. Dr. Ruchi Verma was the master of ceremony who also introduced Dr.Rakeshwar to the audience and Ms. Ekta Rathi, research scholar proposed a vote of thanks. The event was organized and coordinated by HOD, Dr.Suvarna G Kini.


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